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! Group Lead (.NET)
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Вакансия: Senior .NET Developer/Team Lead

Дата размещения:

22.05.2018   вакансия возможно устарела


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Работа в Харькове

Вакансия в категориях:

График работы:

полный день

Вид работы:




Знание языков:

At least an upper-intermediate English is a MUST

Опыт работы:

от 5 до 10 лет

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Электронная почта:

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Информация о вакансии

GroupDocs.com, a member of the Aspose group of companies, is now looking for a rock-solid .NET Developer to lead and build a new remote team working on a new product line.

Join over 280 staff working in many different countries in a distributed work environment where the majority of staff work remotely, from home, as independent contractors. We pride ourselves on offering our staff great flexibility, security and also great rewards for those who excel.

You'll feel right at home working with us if you have:
•MS/BS degree in Computing Sciences or equivalent
•Ability and enthusiasm to build a whole dev team (plenty of contacts within the industry), as well as the ability to work well with distributed teams.
•Strong customer focus, ownership, urgency and drive.
•Worked in an agile/scrum development team where code is developed with full test coverage, with daily deployment cycles.
•Sharp analytical abilities and proven design skills; love approaching a hard coding challenge.
•Excellent English (at least an upper-intermediate level), written and spoken communication skills.
•General ability and willingness to adapt to work on any platform which is being targeted by your team including different technologies, languages and platforms
•Previous experience in creating software products and entrepreneurial flair an advantage

Technical skills required:
- An understanding of video file formats or codecs would be a distinct advantage, previous projects involving video or other media technologies are of interest
- .NET Framework 5+ years (Understand the .NET framework at a very low level)
- C#
- Should be strong in working with file formats, graphics formats or database formats at a low-level
- Strong backend or Windows Forms development background solving complex technical challenges.

Nice to have (but not essential):
- Understand Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) or Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI)
- Previous experience in Microsoft’s OOXML formats or equivalents formats.
- Design Patterns, SOLID, Unit Tests.
- Java background

•Run as a long-term contract with paid holidays.
•Work from home with flexibility.
•Lead a team of developers working on a new product from an early stage. Gradually develop into Product Owner.
•Long term engagement, which should last many years for the right candidate.
•Competitive rates with 6 monthly performance/bonus reviews.

If you’re interested in this vacancy, please send your resume and desired salary level to отправить резюме


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Работа в GroupDocs:

GroupDocs is a member of the Aspose group of companies. We operate in a distributed work environment where all team members work remotely, from home.

Работа в Харькове:

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