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Резюме: Junior Developer


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Работа в Харькове

Резюме в категориях:

Контактное лицо:

Сергей Кислинский

Дата рождения:

04 Февраля 1991

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Информация о резюме

Вид работы:




Учебные заведения:

Computer academy "IT Step" (Kharkov)
Software development

KNU of V. N. Karazin (Kharkov)
2007 - 2012
Historical faculty, Historian-archivist, Specialist

Courses, trainings, certificates

Training center of Kruchinina (Kharkov)
(2012) HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL
Network academy of the “Cisco” company
IT Essentials PC Hardware and Software certificate

Знание языков:

English (intermidiate)

Опыт работы:

еще нет

Места работы:

sales of smart phones(August 2012- )

Gardener (May 2012)
Night Club «Мiсто»
Supervisor of a sales department (November 2011 – January 2012)
from 20 to 50 employees Internet Provider
The organization of a non-staff (outsourcing) sales department in mass sector (the house user) a.nabor, Training, Control.
Trading agent (Sept 2011 – Oct 2011)
to 20 employees Trade retail / Retail (the goods for office)
the claim and sales of company services on the enterprises to offices to establishments
Head of a sales department (Oct 2010 - Jul 2011)
Org. "Интекс.М"
to 20 employees of Service for business - another (dealer and subcontract organization on service of "Kyivstar" of Sale and connection of the wire Internet.)
- in 2 months of work deduced firm on a sales level of one of general contractors of the "Kyivstar" Kharkov branch.
- negotiating with the customer and business partners
- personnel recruiting (sellers, assemblers, billposters-couriers)
- training of sellers
- logistics of connections
- personnel control
When it was necessary combined leading work with work of the seller and the assembler on Internet installation.
• Alexander Taran (executive director, «Интекс.М»)
[просмотреть контакты],
The trading agent, the seller for phone (Apr 2010 – Oct 2010)
Beeline (ПрАТ "Украинские радиосистемы" )
to 20 employees Telecommunication / Communication (a sales department in department "House Internet" from Beeline internet provider.)
according to the recommendation from this employer I was accepted to the state "by Inteks. M"
- telesales
- direct sales (door to door round)
- distribution of advertising production
- promotion actions near the subway
Seller and installer(Nov 2009 - Jul 2010 )
to 20 employees Telecommunication / Communication (leading provider of the Internet and incorporated wire television.)
- doortodoor round, sales of company services
- distribution of advertizing production
- installation and connection to cable TV of clients

Профессиональные навыки:

I a fast-trainee normal adequate person with sufficient experience of life and work.
Very much I want to become the software developer.
I know language C ++ at level of understanding and use of an encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance. (STL - I Know in what cases to use the list, string, vector, their pluses and lacks),
I can use patterns Singleton and the Smart pointer, base level of Win API)
I successfully passed a test tasks for 'Fulcurum Web (vacancy of C ++ Trainee), for Anvil8 (Python Trainee), for Gameloft (Junior PHP/MySQL developer to E-commerce department). But, in the Fulcurum Web were required only with finished highest IT education.
In the Anvil8 to me offered distance learning referring to shortage of employees of firm (the small company).

And in the Gameloft I almost got a job, but failed final interview. (Without having experience I answered questions but uncertainly)
Is ready to carry out a test task

Дополнительная информация:

Receiving a position on a provided vacant place.
Possibility of receiving experience on a new workplace, career, professional growth.

IT skills
The programmer C++ (junior)
Package M. Office and other software packages of the same complexity
Denver (Apache Server)
Adobe Dreamveaver (HTML, CSS)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Fast-trainee to unknown programs
Public work
Member of election commission (февр.2010) and (окт. 2010)
the observer on elections (January. 2010)
carrying out pre-election opinion polls (deck. 2009)

Hobbies and interests
- tourism and outdoor activities
- sports (mini-football, badminton, big and small tennis)

Personal qualities
- discipline
- Fast-learning ability
- quickly I adapt in the new sphere
- a Set-up self on a positive, on result


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